Creating Trusted Equine Connections

Located in the heart of the Arabian horse community, Spirit Ranch specializes in Arabian breeding, and values premium horsemanship and personal healing while practicing passionate hospitality at its stunning Scottsdale, Arizona estate.

The Spirit Ranch Experience

Spirit Ranch is a luxury retreat designed to inspire the senses and foster trusted equestrian connections against the breathtaking backdrop of Scottsdale’s incomparable Sonoran desert landscape.

A ranch all its own

Impeccable grounds.
A world-class environment.

Not all equestrian facilities are alike, and Spirit Ranch is an illustration of that truth. Set across an exquisitely manicured, 10-acre property, to include mature canopies of mesquite trees and saguaro cactus, Spirit Ranch includes a full-size arena for roping and riding, premium stalls and turnouts, and scenic vistas of nearby mountains and the sprawling desert. With its premium facilities and its industry expertise, Spirit Ranch aims to create trusted equine connections through its ever-expanding breeding and sales network.

Where Spirit Ranch Began

Meet Marti Moyes

The seeds for Spirit Ranch were planted decades ago, when owner Marti Moyes first connected with horses. As a young girl, she spent every moment she could with her grandpa’s horses — riding them, caring for them and just appreciating their beauty and energy.

She can’t remember ever not wanting to be around them. And for her, it’s hard to find words to express the value she places on experiencing a genuine equestrian connection.

Moyes already understands what’s possible at Spirit Ranch, because she’s envisioned it for years. And now she’s opening the doors so that others can create their own trusted equine connections through the Spirit Ranch property, the horses it breeds and the relationships it builds within the equestrian community.

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