Creating Trusted Equine Connections

Spirit Ranch cherishes the profound bond between humans and horses. Specializing in breeding exceptional Arabians and Quarter Horses, Spirit Ranch celebrates the meaning of horsemanship and the transformative healing power of equine connection.

The Spirit Ranch Experience

Designed to inspire the senses and instill a deep sense of peace, Spirit Ranch’s dedication to excellence extends beyond its stunning location to encapsulate the very essence of the human-equine bond. It upholds the highest standards of breeding, care, and integrity. Each horse embodies the best of its bloodlines and discipline, and every element is methodically crafted to elevate the Spirit Ranch experience.

Where Spirit Ranch Began

Meet Marti Moyes

The seeds for Spirit Ranch were planted decades ago, when owner Marti Moyes first connected with horses. As a young girl, she spent every moment she could with her grandpa’s horses — riding them, caring for them and just appreciating their beauty and energy.

She can’t remember ever not wanting to be around them. And for her, it’s hard to find words to express the value she places on experiencing a genuine equestrian connection.

Moyes already understands what’s possible at Spirit Ranch, because she’s envisioned it for years. And now she’s opening the doors so that others can create their own trusted equine connections through the Spirit Ranch property, the horses it breeds and the relationships it builds within the equestrian community.

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